Topless ButleR

Have a gorgeous butler serving at your bachelorette party, birthday, girls night, or any party. Whatever the occasion, we provide the best service with a sexy twist. Your butler will mix cocktails, serve drinks and food, mingle with guests, host party games, and pose for photos. Our guys are both charming and handsome. Who wouldn’t like some delicious eye candy to go with their cocktails?


* Topless entertainers provide a butler service and will stay for a minimum of 2 hours for serving, mingling with guests, and party games.

Semi-Nude Show

Have a blast with a sexy male entertainer at your party. Your dancer will come knocking on your door in costume and ready to perform. Let him in and let your inner flirt out! Your entertainer puts on a sexy strip show with seductive dance moves, tricks, body shots, lap dances, and more. Our dancers are skilled performers and acrobats. You’ll be wowed with their impressive display.


* Semi-nude entertainers perform for 20 minutes stripping down to g-string and will stay for 45 minutes total for party games, body shots, and lap dances.

Nude Show

This is the Full Monty experience! Your dancer will bare all from head to toe. They start in full costume and go totally nude one piece of clothing at a time. Some popular costume choices are cowboy, police officer, soldier, fire fighter, construction worker, delivery boy, sharp dressed man, and Magic Mike. They go hard all night so you and your friends can get some action when you need it


* Nude entertainers perform for 20 minutes stripping down fully nude and will stay for 45 minutes total for party games, body shots, and lap dances.


It would be our pleasure to design a custom package for you to create your perfect event. You can combine packages and mix and match services to suit your needs.


Tommy kept the surprise going and was so much fun introducing himself! He really kept the whole crowd engaged and everyone had such a blast!


Shawn was an amazing entertainer and was the highlight of our entire girls trip. Professional and kind while still very naughty and an absolute blast!


We had a great time! Shawn is very charming. He put on an impressive show. We were wowed with what he can do!

– Danielle

We booked with [company name removed] and they randomly cancelled last minute with no replacement. Thank you for saving the party. We’re so excited!

– Alexi

Our performer was very professional, very entertaining, and very personable. Our girl had the best bachelorette weekend imaginable, and our entertainer definitely contributed to that.


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